In the newspaper “Le Monde” of August 23, 2002, an article was published: “Two archaeologists contest the historical reality of the Bible”. It is about a Book “The Bible Unearthed” (The Free Press), written by two famous Jewish archaeologists Israel Finkelstein, professor in Tel-Aviv University, and his colleague, Neil Asher Silberman. The authors, reveals the article, “have no doubt about the non-authenticity of the great Biblical basic stories. According to them, the Bible is a genial reconstruction, literary as well as political, of all the history of the Jewish people which corresponds to the emergence of the kingdom of Judah”. This book appeared a year ago in the USA and has been condemned by the traditional Jews.

This biblical “reconstruction”, which is a manipulation of the original Biblical text, took place under the reign of king Josiah who ruled the southern kingdom of Judah from 640 to 609 B.C. Josiah was defeated by the pharao Neko in Megiddo in the year 609 B.C. Josiah wanted to unify the two side of the Israelite people: those of the South, founded by David and those who formed the Northern Kingdom of Israel founded, as you know, by Jeroboam (1 Kings 12).

He planned to re-establish the Jewish cult in the temple of Jerusalem. During the operations of reconstruction, the great Priest Hilkiah found a mysterious holy Book: The Book of the Law (Torah). He decided to inform king Josiah (2 Kings 22,8-13) who, according to what was written in this Book, decided to operate a general reform operation on the whole territorial extension of Judah in the South as well as in the territorial extension of the old Israeli Kingdom in the North. Thus there would be only “one community (Jewish); only one king (Josiah, to rule over both parts who had divided into two kingdom by Jeroboam); only one God; only one Capital: Jerusalem and only one Temple, that of Solomon”. In order to achieve this plan, military violence was to be practised in the northern territories by destroying the temple therein as well as the various places of cult in the North and in the South such that only remained the Temple of Solomon (2 Kings 23).

But violence was also to be made to the original text of the “Book of the Law” which had just been found, making it say what would apply to ‘Josiah’ expansionist plan. In fact, the article of the “Le Monde” explained that the two authors “had no doubt about the non authenticity of the great Biblical basic stories” and that “the Bible is a genius reconstruction, literary and historical, of the history of the Jewish people”…The same article states that Israel Finkelstein and Neil Silberman offer a revolutionary interpretation of the Bible and its “legendary, amplified and embellished stories whose purpose was to serve Josiah’ plan of unification of the two Israeli kingdoms…” The article reveals yet another professor of archeology at Tel Aviv University, Ze’ev Herzog, had already discovered that “no scientific method proves the reality of the Exodus from Egypt, the great years of wandering in the wilderness and the conquest of the Promised Land”.

“Le Monde” finally explains that “biblical sites as famous as Beersheba and Edom did not exist at the time of the Exodus. And no King in Edom was to face the Israelites. Authors’ conclusion: ‘The sites mentioned in Exodus did not exist. Some were known and were apparently occupied, but well after the assumed time of the Exodus, well after the emergence of the Kingdom of Judah, when biblical texts were composed for the first time”. The book’s authors and other researchers are “revisionists accused of providing ammunition to Palestinians” by demonstrating through archeology and history that the Jerusalem of the Kings was at the time of David and Solomon, a tiny village. These revisionists have also demonstrated that “Jericho was empty at the arrival of the Hebrews and the famous trumpets were part of an epic, not of a military fact, and were not part of the Scriptures inspired by God!

This prompted me to buy the book of the two archaeologists. In page 37 of the French translation, the authors declare “they will reconstruct the (biblical) history according to the archaeological discoveries which remain the unique source that has not been purged, reviewed nor censored by the numerous generations of the biblical scribes”. This precious scientific archaeological information about the scribes’ intervention in the Biblical texts clarified my opinion upon “the lying pen of the scribes” denounced by Jeremiah (8,8). Thus, from an archaeological light, springs another twin biblical light about Jeremiah’s intervention and anger against the scribes, repeated later by Jesus, against the scribes and Pharisees, who have undermined the purity of this text by the forehead of their cursed “lying pens”.

Jeremiah “is the son of the great priest Hilkiah from Anatot”, not far from Jerusalem (Jeremiah 1,1). God’s word came to him “in the days of Josiah”, the time which concerns us. Now Hilkiah is the great priest to whom Josiah recurred for the restoration of the Temple. He is the one who found the mysterious Book of the Law therein (2 Kings 22,3-8). He gave it to the kings’ secretary to be given to the king. After reading it, the king decided his political and religious restoration (2 Kings 22,10-13). The religious reform consisted in the destruction of the pagan symbols in southern Judah (in the Temple itself) as well as in Northern Samaria in the North (2 Kings 23,1-19). It was a good occasion to re-unify the country from North to South, to strengthen it against the Assyrians and to prepare for war against its Egyptian allies led by King Neko.

In order to achieve his purpose, Josiah had to motivate the people religiously, and to bring back to their mind the splendour of a Solomonian empire and an independent Israeli hegemony. All this was to be done in the holy Name of YHVH and for his divine glory through his “elected people”, The Book of the Law that was found was there to justify such political ambitions; but the Book lacked a political aspect that would excite a military action. But that was not a problem! The “lying pen of the scribes” was there to add the salt, the pepper and the necessary ferment “till the yeast was leavened all through” as Jesus said (Luke 13,21). The scribes put at work all their zeal, full speed ahead, to make a story coherent and believable.

But Jeremiah knew, from his father Hilkiah, what the real content of the discovered Book was. He knew that the scribes had their lies into it in the name of god. They also introduced practices concerning animal sacrifices and various offerings to the priests. In other words, they made profit of the occasion to add whatever is convenient for their material benefit. This is the reason why Jeremiah revolted against them: “How can you say, ‘We are wise, since we have Yahweh’s Law?’ Look how it has been falsified by the lying pen of the scribes!” (Jeremiah 8,8). He also said on behalf of God: “When I brought your ancestors out of Egypt, I said nothing to them, gave them no order, about burnt offerings or sacrifices. But this was My one command to them: Listen to my Voice, then I will be your God and you shall be my people” (Jeremiah 7,22-23). But the scribes and priests were not satisfied with just listening to God’s Voice; they coveted the benefits they could get out from the sacrifices that God explicitly refused. Later Jesus also denounced the covetousness of the scribes and Pharisees (Matthew 23). We easily understand their rancour against Jeremiah, against the Messiah… therefore against God Himself. St. Paul was right in advising the believers “not to give heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn form the truth” (Titus 1,14).

The result of these religious plots was deadly for Josiah and the entire Jewish population. Josiah was killed in “Megiddo” by Neko, the Egyptian pharaoh. Jeremiah, as a result of this disastrous defeat, composed his biblical book of “Lamentations” over Jerusalem.

Today another Megiddo is being prepared, ampler than the one of the past: a “Har-Megiddo”, a big Megiddo, known as Ar-Maggedon. It is prepared by Bush, Sharon and company. It will undergo an even more ominous fate; It was announced by Jesus (Luke 21,20 -34) and the Revelation that designates Iraq on the Euphrates, by two times (Revelation 9,13-21 / 16,12-16). Bush and its allies have resort to the same methods of manipulation of minds while pretending that their military plan is a war of the good, incarnated by USA and its allies, against the terrorist evil, incarnated by Iraq and others.

Today, the Vatican, with Pope John-Paul II at its head, by disfiguring the messages delivered by the Virgin Mary in La Salette and Fatima, has sunk in the same evil the scribes had sunk into.

And now, I’ll let you read the Scriptures and meditate. And if you find the book “The Bible Unearthed”, why not read it carefully. And pray for its authors and their like. It is for these Jews often “badly connected” by the Zionists, that our Father asks us to pray.