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I carefully read some of your articles and partially agree with you when you say that the Antichrist (or the Antichrist, that is, the one who, anyway, will manifest himself before Christ) must manifest himself and even reach seating himself in God’s sanctuary. However, I strongly doubt that this “God’s Sanctuary” is the Vatican, because considering the great number of idols in this place, I seriously ask myself how one can consider this place as God’s sanctuary. Understand me well, the Roman Catholic Church is guilty of having voluntarily eliminated God’s authentic second commandment which forbids the reproduction and exposure of images and statues of all kinds before which people bow down to adore. Having said this, I rather believe that a third Jewish Temple will one day be built in Israel, and that it is this place, the true “Temple of God”, that the Antichrist will even seat himself. You know, for the Orthodox Jews (non-christian), a Messiah has always been an important persona of their history. David, for example, was considered at his time, as a veritable “messiah” (a sort of national hero) by the priests of Israel, ie the “anointed” of God. Therefore, from this simple observation, it would be logical to admit that the true “Antichrist” will be the “Messiah” expected and accepted by the Orthodox Jews (surely one of them!), who obviously deny the fact that Jesus may be the Messiah, since they consider him rather an “impostor”!

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Yours truly.

And may God bless you.


We are well aware of your logic concerning the Zionist Temple, a logic which has exploited and seduced, as Jesus had predicted (Matthew 24), a great number of badly rooted Christians, particularly among the Anglo-American Protestants, to the point of supporting the Antichrist in his projects instead of fighting him, ever since Lord Balfour. Jesus never acted so! He announced, to the contrary, the great scandal of the Zionists of the past and today, the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem in favor of his Temple: Himself (John 2).

Your conception of the temple of Jerusalem as “the true Temple of God” (?!) is a heresy denounced by Christ Himself who considered, as you well know, that this temple is “a den of robbers” (Luke 19,46), just as the Vatican was denounced at “La Salette”, by “Who you know”, as being “cesspools of impurity”. She is quite right and it is not I who contradicts Her by saying that it was the devil who denounces himself… like the Pharisees told Christ in the past (Matthew 12,24-28 / Luke 11,14-18). If the Vatican, rightly so, is no longer worthy of being the Temple of God, the temple you defend is even less so. The logic of the living Christ will triumph over that of men.

Mary, She “who received a special grace” directly from God, not men (a grace that no other woman has obtained, whether we like it or not!), She whose “soul was pierced so that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.” (Luke 2,35), this humble Woman already uncovers many disguised hearts. This unique grace given to Mary was perceived by Elisabeth who, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, saw the privilege gratified to Mary and, before her grandeur exclaimed: “Of all women You are the most blessed… Why should I be honored with the visit from the Mother of my Lord?” It is thanks to her love and humility that Elizabeth saw the emblem of Mary’s greatness who, always influenced by the Holy Spirit, answered: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord… Yes, from this day forward all generations will call me blessed, for the Almighty has done great things for me” (Luke 1,39-49). We say “Amen” to these inspired words because only the generations of the damned will not recognize the unique greatness of the Woman, chosen by the Father to be the Mother of His Word incarnate.

On the other hand, we would like to point out that, like David, King Cyrus, a non-Jew, was also considered as “anointed”, Messiah, for having allowed the reconstruction of the Temple (Isaiah 45,1). And yet, Jesus is uniquely THE TEMPLE, it is why He is the unique Messiah. In this Temple, no impurity can enter; John saw no other Temple in the spiritual Jerusalem (Revelation 21,22-27). We refer you to the excellent book “THE BIBLE UNEARTHED” (Bayard) written by two non-fanatical Jewish archeologists: “Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman”. They clarify historically the reality of David and his presumed temple. They provoked an outcry in the ranks of Zionists and fundamentalist rabbis. Nevertheless, the facts speak clearly. We equally refer you to the non-Zionist Jewish websites of Israel Shamir ( and of the Orthodox Jews “Neturei Karta” (, opposed to the State of Israel and the reconstruction of the Temple. They have understood certain points better than some of the so-called disciples of Jesus. Jews of this like are not far from believing that the Beast of chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation is Israel, because soon, “Everyone will see Him, even those who pierced Him…” (Revelation 1,7)

Reconsider your accounts all the way through, because God will confuse the analysis of the modern Pharisees and the “literalists”, and because “the written letters bring death, but the Spirit gives life.” (2 Corinthians 3,6) On the other hand, and always according to the Spirit, not according to the letter which leads astray, the second commandment applies to the pagan spirit of the past who adored gods which are not, not on those who, according to the Spirit of Christ, cherish and esteem the multiplication of the holy souls who exist and remind us, in seeing them, the salutary importance of spiritual life in Jesus. This fact displeases the demons and those whom they manage to deceive by hatred of the other, not out of love of the Truth. To venerate holy souls does not mean to adore other gods. A bit of discernment is suffice. Otherwise, one should, like the rabbis and according to literal interpretation, prohibit people of having photos of families, children and their deceased… Those who are still attached in understanding the Scriptures according to the narrow spirit of the Torah, are the most miserable persons. Their baptism will not have served them anything (Galatians 3,3).

Should we still speak of the Eucharistic commandment of Jesus concerning the “Bread of Life”? This commandment is neglected and deformed by so many so-called Christians. However, “unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man, and drink his Blood, you have no life in you” (John 6,51-58). Some see these but symbolically. Where one should interpret to the letter, they put in their spirit, and where one should interpret in Spirit, they put in the letter which kills: “For my Flesh”, Jesus says, “is REAL Food and my Blood is REAL Drink… But there are some of you who do not believe.” (John 6,55-64) There are, alas, among us too, who do not believe in it much! These were the Words of the Word of Life. They confound human interpretations and mentalities who do not believe in them: “because a person who eats and drinks, without recognizing the Body is eating and drinking his own condemnation.” (1Corinthians 11,29)

The Apocalyptic events which are already taking place around the Euphrates (Revelation 9 and 16), speak and speak out louder, and “anyone has ears to hear, let him listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.” Too bad for the others! These Apocalyptic prophetic events will confirm the integrity of our Message in its entirety.

The mention of “Nephtali” in the tail of your address reveals a spirit. Why not “Zabulun”…or one of the twelve apostles rather?


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Antechrist or Antichrist?

Why do you always speak of Antichrist and not Antechrist?

Some speak of the Antechrist, the word for precursor of Christ. John the Baptist was the Precursor of Jesus: Antechrist. Now, it is about the Antichrist, the Enemy of Christ. In fact, the original text of the Bible, written in Greek by St John, speaks of the “ANTIXRISTOS” and reveals to us, the specific characteristic of this Enemy of Christ Jesus: “The man who denies that Jesus is the Christ­—he is the liar, he is the Antichrist” (1 John 2,22).

It is regrettable to note that even some Bibles and dictionaries do not make this distinction and omit recurring to the original Greek Biblical text. This error is only found in French translations. In English, it is indeed “Antichrist”, in Italian “Anticristo”, and in modern Greek “Antixristos”.

In a broader sense, we can speak in our time of the Antechrist too, in designating the Antichrist, as this enemy of Christ appears in the End of Times, before the apocalyptic return of Christ. He is also then, the accursed precursor of the blessed Christ.

For more information see our text: “The Antichrist and the Return of Christ”.

Pope John Paul II and the secret of Fatima

In one of your publications you say that Pope John-Paul II did not reveal the real secret of Fatima. Explain to me what pushes you to affirm this?

Karol Wojtila, has gravely lied. He does not merit the name of the apostles John and Paul.

I present to you here, the indisputable argument of his lie.
He had said in the year 2000, that the secret of Fatima concerned the attempt on his person on May 13, 1981.

Our Mother had asked that the secret of Fatima be revealed in 1960 “to be understood.”

If it had been revealed on this date, in 1960, it would CERTAINLY not have been the question of a future event, having taken place 21 years later.
No one would have understood. It is CERTAINLY about an event PRIOR to 1960 to be understood in 1960, and not of an event that took place after 1960.

An event which took place in 1948…… in Palestine!!!

(see the texts: “Mary’s Message of Fatima”, “Open Letter to the Pope”, and “The Key of the Apocalypse”).