The Spiritual Fight

What do you think of the devil?

What do you think of the devil? Does he really exist? Does one see him on earth?

The devil is a real maleficent power, personified. His greatest ruse is to make us believe that he doesn’t exist. The divine Revelation denounces him in the Bible and the Qur’an. The clairvoyant perceive him in his manifestations, through evil in this world. An evil that often surpasses strictly human force. The devil is in need of persons orchestrated by him. He is a large legion, diversified. Each has its specialty and category of men (power, violence, lies, connivance, injustice, disorderly sex…) The diabolical current began before the creation of the world, in the spiritual world known as “Heaven”. It was triggered by the chief of the Angels, called Lucifer, whose name means “Carrier of Light”, but who transformed to the carrier of darkness. Why? His power went up to his head and captivated him to the point of feeling greater than his Creator, up to tempting Him to submit to him and refusing to obey Him. He even demanded to be obeyed by Him. He dragged in his revolt, an innumerable tally of Angels seduced by him.

But Michael, who was subordinate to Lucifer, refused, at his turn, to submit to this chief insubordinate to God. The revolter required Michael’s obedience, but instead, this latter demanded that his chief primarily obeys the AlMighty in order to obey to him in his turn. To his refusal Michael exclaimed: “Who is like El (God)?!” In Hebrew, “Mi (who) ka (is like) El (God)”, which sums up as MIKAEL = MICHAEL in English, in French Michel, in Arabic Mikhaïl. The Book of Revelation 12,7-9 relates this terrible battle that took place in Heaven between Lucifer’s followers and those who chose to rally behind Michael who, however, seemed (but only seemed) weaker, because of his humility, except his chief. It is the “weak” who triumph, and the “strong” who appears muscular and menacing by exhibiting his power and biceps was chased off on earth with his ilk. The powerful love that Michael and his like have for God, Justice and Truth, overcame the power of Lucifer.

And here is our “Lucilu” on earth among us, ostensibly nowadays, after he was allowed to come out of the infernal Abyss thanks to the Star (of David) who opened to him the doors of the Abyss (Revelation 9,1). A very powerful weapon against this enemy is to ridicule him, not to take him seriously. This is why we call him Lucilu (we are sure that he does not like it!)

The accursed “star” which freed Lucilu, currently serves him as a subtle instrument in reproducing on earth the Luciferian revolt against God. It is why “the Dragon (Lucilu) had handed over to the Beast his own power…” (Revelation 13,2) and pushes mankind to prostrate before it, because by doing so, is in fact, before Satan that they are prostrating. The satanic forces on earth today, respond to Michael’s resounding cry in Heaven and his like against the devil: “MI KA EL”. This satanic response is “who is like the Beast” (MI KA ISRAEL!!!): “Who can compare with the Beast? How could anybody defeat him!!!” (Revelation 13,4). Only those who prostrate before her, “whose names have not been written down in the Book of Life of the sacrificial Lamb.” (Revelation 13,8), but the chosen who resist it: “This is why the saints must have constancy and faith.” (Revelation 13,10) As for us, to the cry of “MI KA ISRAEL”, we oppose with the almighty cry of “MI KA YESHOUA (Who is like Jesus)!!!” We reproduce thus on earth, Michael’s counter-revolt against Lucilu.

And believe it, our holy cry, parasitized for the moment by the deafening tumult of the world (worries, wars, social events, disorderly sex, extreme sports, drugs, etc… Luke 21,34-36), will eventually stifle the voice of the apocalyptic Beast and his allies.

Our prayers, inaudible to our human enemies, but deafening to the ears of the demons, will vanquish the demons who will end up “in the lake of fire and sulfur, where the Beast and the false prophet are…” (Revelation 20,10).

See our text: “The Key of the Apocalypse”.

How to fight the devil?

A reader writes us on the spiritual struggle:

“This imbecile of a fool is always here trying to disrupt and destroy us. I am very conscious of him… but I am becoming more and more capable of recognizing his game. You know of whom I am talking about… How do we fight him efficiently?”

The best arms to fight him are those that make us grow spiritually: The Meal with Jesus taken in the simplicity of our homes, the Rosary and the absolute confidence in Mary’s Immaculate Heart, the reading of the Holy Scriptures, and prayer. The more we grow spiritually, the less the devil has a hold on us. In this daily combat, we must fight and hold our ground. Little by little, we become more and more capable of recognizing the devil’s tactics. Poor devil… he often repeats himself and with time, and the help of our daily arms and our tender Mother Mary, we will be able to recognize him on the spot and chase him away. His tactics revolve around these:

  1. To be discouraged with dark ideas about ourselves (not worthy, not capable, it is too difficult, it is not for me, I am worth nothing etc…)
  2. To be distracted when we want to pray (just at the time of prayer, a thousand and one things come to mind…), giving the distaste of prayer.
  3. To obsess on a negative idea that constantly comes back.
  4. To delay spiritual life (when the devil can no longer have a soul, he does everything to delay his evolution… then he tries to make us drop the Rosary, the daily Meal with Jesus, prayer, the reading of the Holy Scriptures while distracting us with a thousand thoughts… It is necessary to be aware of this).
  5. To prevent the regular frequentation of our brothers and sisters (“For where two or three meet in my name, I shall be there with them”, Jesus had said (Matthew 18, 20). It is a great force).
  6. To accuse the other (a brother), to present a negative idea of the other, of what they did or said (here is where transparency between us breaks him, for to speak of what has troubled us permits everything to be clarified; if we do not speak, a small thing becomes – by the intervention of Satan of course – a mountain…) Jesus on the contrary, as He said to His Messenger, is the One who takes our defense…
  7. To be put down by people at work who attack us unjustly (It is necessary to counterattack in JUSTICE and to impose oneself, try to avoid as much as possible these people for our inner PEACE; to utilize the weapon of mockery. The devil and his people cannot stand mockery…)
  8. To empty us internally by people and superficial activities. (It is necessary to avoid them as much as possible. Spiritual Life demands an Atmosphere… See Qur’an XIX, 61-65: “The Gardens of Eden! They are what the All-Merciful has promised His worshippers… In it they hear no empty talk, but only ‘Peace!’ …”
  9. To influence us by a negative dream which presents a negative image of one of our brothers or that pulls us down in one way or other. He often uses this trick when all other means are exhausted…

As soon as we recognizes him, we must run immediately to our tender Mother Mary and ask her aid. An IMPETUS OF LOVE AND FAITH suffices. And the whole building of lies collapses…

It is thus a daily fight. We all have the weapons to be victors: The Communion with Jesus in the family, the Rosary, the reading of the Holy Scriptures, and prayer.

And let us not forget to mock him! Lucilu (nickname of Lucifer…) can’t stand mockery… After all: “Lucilu has cute butts… he should fatten them up good…” (a song dedicated to Lucilu by the Apocalyptic Messenger).

With regards to the Rosary, Lucy, the seer of Fatima, had told Father Fuentes: “The Virgin has repeated to me that the last remedies given to the world are: the Holy Rosary and the devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. The last means that there will be no others. Ever since the Most Holy Virgin has given a great efficacy to the Holy Rosary, there is no material, spiritual, national or international problem that she would not be able to resolve with the Holy Rosary, and with our sacrifices. To recite it with love and devotion will console Mary and wipe off the so many tears of her Immaculate Heart.”

As for Padre Pio, a modern saint (who passed into the next world in 1968) who carried Jesus’ stigmata, called the Rosary: “His weapon”.

With the aforementioned weapons, the devil in the end, has no power over us.

“Take COURAGE, I HAVE CONQUERED the world”, Jesus had said (John 16,33).

The Qur’an underlines: “He (the devil) said: ‘My Lord, inasmuch as You have lured me away (again, the accuser), I shall make the earth attractive to them (mankind), and lure them all away, except for Your sincere servants among them.’ God said: ‘… Over My servants you shall have no authority…” (Qur’an XV, 39-42). For the spiritual combat, meditate the following:

  1. Introduction: Luke 14,28-33 and Ephesians 5,8-14. To commit oneself to Spiritual Life, it is like leaving for war. One must arm themself and be ready to renounce everything.
  2. To put on the armor of God: Truth (Knowledge), Justice, faith, zeal: Ephesians 6,10-20 / 2 Corinthians 6,7
  3. Not to descend to the level of the enemy: 1 Peter 3, 8 – Resist the devil through faith: 1 Peter 5,5-11 / James 4,7
  4. To discern the voices or the thoughts in us: John 8,38 / John 16,13 / Galatians 5,16-26. Like Jesus revealed it lately: “Through Adam-Eve, the devil entered into the collective subconsciousness to dislodge God. Man is no longer alone with God. He has someone else who thinks in him. The Christ comes to chase off the intruder from the souls and the hearts of those who listen to Him.”
  5. To listen to the Word to produce fruit: Matthew 7,24 / John 15,1-3 / 1 Peter 1,22-24. The Word of God is alive. It models us, purifies us, and makes us effective for our Father’s Kingdom.
  6. To employ the Word as a sword: Revelation 1,16 / Hebrews 4,12+ / Isaiah 55,10+. To have a sharp attitude vis-à-vis the unjust: Revelation 2,26 / Matthew 23,12-32 / John 2,14-17. Jesus was clear-cut with the hypocrite Pharisees. In the Temple, He did not hesitate to take out the whip and chase off the merchants. He also recommends us to be “cunning as serpents and yet as harmless as doves (Matthew 10,16).”
  7. To cultivate transparency between us (pure glass, sea of crystal): Revelation 21,18 / 15,2 / Galatians 6,2
  8. To renew oneself through Knowledge: Colossians 3,9-17

The problem of evil

“Why is there evil in the world?
Why did God, who is good, ‘create’ evil?”

These are questions we often hear about.
To find the answers, it is necessary to make the effort to carefully reflect and employ one’s logic, starting, for example, by convincing oneself that God, who is good, cannot have created evil; for every tree can give but its fruit.

Where then does evil come from?

A reflection on evil imposes itself. Evil is not an entity in itself, but a lack of goodness, an infirmity: sickness is a lack of health, blindness is a deprivation of sight, stealing is a dispossession, assassination is a deprivation of life, a lie is the truth deformed, injustice is a lack of justice, irregular bodily pleasures are a deviation of human energy. All these infirmities stop man from evolving spiritually. With evil thus defined, it becomes clear that God cannot take joy in “creating it”, nor takes pleasure in seeing his creations suffer. He has absolutely no interest in that. Every logical and impartial person notices this.

On the contrary, God gave a sense to creation; there is an orientation, a direction to take in life; we must not circulate in the opposite direction, nor drive too fast, nor drink and drive etc… not to hurt oneself or others. And yet, many refuse to commit themselves to the path traced by God and prefer to do except what is in their head. Here is where the source of evil is found in the world. We drive at 200 km/hr drunk, we provoke accidents and deaths and… that is God’s fault!!!

So, it is man who introduced the bitterness of evil in his home. He does not stop watering this maleficent plant by egoism, and the passion for power and domination. It is the desires of man, that are at the origin of fraternal wars. Man kills man his brother, in order to dispossess and submit him to his demands. And this, against the precepts of the Divine Creator. Whose fault is it then?!

It is the Divine Revelation that, in the symbolic narrative of Adam and Eve’s fall, informs us of the source of evil in the world. The man and woman chose to believe the bad counsel that the devil inspired to them, instead of trusting the divine instructions so to reach the fullness of life. They introduced thus, the diabolical thoughts in man’s intuition. This was the first sin, the scion between God and his creation. After having introduced disequilibrium between man and God, “Cain” continued the evil act in killing his brother “Abel” and introduced evil between man and man his brother. The guilty is certainly not God who had warned man.

The Goodness of God manifests itself towards sinners through the grace of forgiveness. This grace is symbolized by the “tunics made of skins”, which God gave Adam and Eve to hide their shame. In fact, God holds out his hand to all men to take them out of their misery. But He cannot force the hand of man who is free, and cannot oblige him to practice goodness, nor stop him by force in committing evil. God cannot, more so, oblige man in seizing the divine grace, to take advantage of God’s help to save himself. He holds out his Hand. It is to us to grasp it.

God solicits; He proposes. He never imposes Himself.

In the same way, man cannot be constrained, neither to do good, nor to avoid committing evil. And this is for two reasons:

  1. The Creator’s nature: God is not a dictator. He advises, but does not oblige his creations to practice goodness. Free Himself, He created the spirits and men on his image: free.
  2. Human nature: Man is neither a slave, nor any animal, a dog that we tie or muzzle so not to bite. Free and dignified, he must make use of his emotional and intellectual faculties in his own and general interests. To commit evil, man must lose heart and intelligence. This is the worst of infirmities, because here is the source of all evil.

It would be right to blame the Creator if He had, from the onset, created in infirmity. And yet, in the beginning, the human creation was, in its human dimension, impeccable, but subject to evolve towards God. It is human pride that rejected any possibility of collaboration, any synchronization with the work of the Creator. From where is all disequilibrium and the source of all evil on earth.

It is man who commits freely, ill-advised actions by his Creator. He is a Father who wants no harm to men. What interest would He have in seeing his creations groan? If we reflect well on him, He is nothing of a sadist. Well to the contrary, he never stops advising us paternally, to avoid the practices and attitudes which harm body and soul (drugs, illusionary pleasures, injustice, egoism, pride etc…)

Why did God create?

Life, real life, that conceived by the genius of the Creator, is beautiful. And He wishes us to share it with Him. It is thus an altruistic jest and good act, which is the base of creation. Few make the effort to look deep, to recognize their false-steps that are the true causes of their misery, in surpassing their harmful prejudgments. They would gain a lot, if not everything, by overcoming themselves. They would find themselves, free of false conceptions by a jest of humility and objectivity. The one who searches sincerely, with objectivity and detachment, without bitterness nor contention, will find infallibly.

But why then create, knowing that the devil and the fallen man should not enjoy life? Why then create knowing that evil would come out?

The Creator is free. Infinitely free. It is after this movement that He created, expressing thus a sentiment of infinite love towards those whom He called to Life. Now, if He had abstained from creating, foreseeing -among spirits and man- that some creatures would become bad through jealousy or defiance, God would not have been free. He would have lost his personality. If de facto because of such opposition, God had refrained from creating, He would have been subject to enemies even before their existence. This is clearly illogical, because the Creator is infinitely free. As man can freely do what he wants in the framework of his own nature, God can all the more, do whatever He wishes in His infinitely free nature. The opposition of a created nature is incapable of slowing down the AlMighty’s Will, the Great Architect of creation.

Angelic spirits and the fallen men are free to auto-destruct. But what God created was, from the onset, perfect, each according to its own nature. Such is the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.

In Jesus Christ, again God gives His eternal Life with immense love to those who collaborate with this redemption. “A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends”, Jesus says (John 3,16 / 15,13 / 1 John 4,9). Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient humility and gratitude, to agree to reach out to seize the grace offered for free. Unfortunately, there are but a few who wish to understand.

The wise man will know how to recuperate, through Jesus, what the devil, by Adam, managed to take away.

The Exorcism of Leo XIII

“What do you think of the exorcism prayer of Pope Leo XIII? Do you believe in it?”

The exorcism prayer of Pope Leo XIII is the consequence of a heavenly vision and joined by its content the messages of the Virgin Mary in La Salette (France, 1846), in Fatima (Portugal, 1917), as well as the opening of the Book of Revelation by Jesus Himself on May 13, 1970 in Lebanon.

Here is an extract from the article “The terrifying vision of hell of Leo XIII”, page 11 of the journal “L’Appel du Ciel” n°25 of September 2010:

“On October 13 1884, Leo XIII finished celebrating the Holy Mass in the Vatican Chapel. Then, he stood motionless for 10 minutes. Then he rushes to his office without giving any explanation to his close entourage, who saw him become deathly pale. Leo XIII immediately composes a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, with instructions that it be recited everywhere after each low Mass. This prayer continued to be recited until September 29, 1964 (Vatican Council II…), when the instruction Inter oecumenici (n°48, § j.) decreed “… the Leonine prayers are abolished…”

Later, the Pope gave his testimony: “After the Mass, I heard two voices; one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. They seemed to come from near the tabernacle. It the devil addressing the Lord, like in a dialogue. Here is what I heard:
– The guttural voice, the voice of Satan in his pride, shouting to the Lord: “I can destroy your Church”.
– The gentle voice of the Lord: “You can? Then go ahead and do so”.
– Satan: “To do so, I need more time and more power”.
– Our Lord: “How much time? How much power?”
– Satan: “75 to 100 years, and greater power on those who will give themselves to my service”.
– Our Lord: “You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will”.

Then, I had a terrible vision of hell: I saw the earth as if wrapped in darkness and, from an abyss, I saw come out a legion of demons which were spreading over the world to destroy the works of the Church and attack the Church itself, which I saw reduced to the end. So, Saint Michael appeared and drove the evil spirits back into the abyss. Then I saw Saint Michael the Archangel intervene not at this moment, but much later, when people would multiply their fervent prayers to the Archangel.”

This vision took place on October 13 1884, exactly 33 years (Christ’s age) after the last apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima on October 13 1917. In this vision, Leo XIII foresaw the appearance of the Antichrist (the darkness spread over the earth, see Revelation 9,1-2) and his infiltration even, in the Vatican itself. The prayer says indeed: “There where the seat of the blessed Peter and the throne of Truth was instituted, there they have erected the throne of their abomination in impiety”. In La Salette, the Virgin Mary announced: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist”. This is what has happened. By the refusal of the popes to reveal the third secret of Fatima in 1960, as the Virgin Mary had expressly requested, the Vatican has definitively lost the Spirit (see the texts on the website “Explanation of Mary’s Message in La Salette” and “Explanation of Mary’s Message of Fatima”).
It was also at this time (1964) that Rome decided to suppress this prayer of Leo XIII, just as she had already buried the Virgin Mary’s messages of La Salette and of Fatima. This latter explicitly reveals the identity of the Antichrist: it is the State of Israel, which appeared in 1948 in Palestine (see the text “The Key of the Apocalypse”). For fear of being accused of anti-Semitism, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis I, have renounced their testimony for Jesus and have betrayed their noble mission. We think that John Paul the 1st was assassinated because he wanted to reveal it.
However and fortunately, the true Church is not limited to a Vatican institution, today dead and outdated (the word “church” actually comes from the Greek “ekklesia”, which means “assembly”). She is composed of today, of all those who believe in the message of the Apocalypse, and who commit themselves against the Antichrist. It is that Church against which “the gates of hell will never prevail”, as Jesus had announced (see Matthew 16,18). It is “the Church of Light” mentioned in Leo XIII’s prayer (we recommend that you read profoundly the text on the website The “Road to Damascus”).
Leo XIII has seen the very important role of the Archangel Michael in this End of Times, in which we are living. A large part of the Book of Revelation chapter 12 is dedicated to him.
In La Salette, the Virgin Mary had announced his intervention: “Here is the Beast with his subjects, calling himself the Savior of the world (the Zionist Messiah). He will rise with pride into the air (Israel’s military air power) to go up till heaven. He will be smothered by the breath of the Archangel Saint Michael (1 Thessalonians 4,16). He will fall, and the earth, which, for three days (Revelation 11,9-11) will be in a continuous series of evolutions, will open its fiery bowels; he will be plunged for eternity, with all his followers, into the everlasting chasms of hell (Revelation 12,16 / 19,19-20 / 20,9-10).”
The prophet Daniel, 500 years before the Christ, had also announced it: “At that time Michael will stand up, the great Prince who mounts guard over your people. That is going to be a time of great distress, unparalleled since nations first came into existence…” (Daniel 12,1-3).

We resort to the exorcism of Leo XIII in the moments most difficult, and in the strongest internal and external struggles against the powers of evil. It is a very powerful and very effective prayer. We cannot but recommend it.

Any veritable believer is capable to perform exorcism.
The following words of Jesus give us a lot of force and assurance to chase away any kind of demon. Matthew tells us in his Gospel:

“Jesus summoned his twelve disciples, and gave them authority over unclean spirits with power to cast them out and to cure all kinds of diseases and sickness.” (Matthew 10,1)
“And as you go, proclaim that the kingdom of Heaven is close at hand. Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils. You received without charge, give without charge.” (Matthew 10,7-8)

And just before His ascension to Heaven, Jesus said to them:

“These are the signs that will be associated with believers: in my name they will cast out devils; they will have the gift of tongues; they will pick up snakes in their hands, and be unharmed should they drink deadly poison; they will lay their hands on the sick, who will recover.” (Mark 16,17-18)

This promise is made to all “who have believed”. Let us rekindle in us the Faith in Jesus’ words. His words are eternal. They are for Today.
Any true believer, who lives in love and justice and accomplishes the Plan of God is capable of exorcising demons.

We reproduce below the exorcism of Leo XIII, in its original version. We have removed the sentence “by the sacred authority of our Mother the Church”. You understand why.

Exorcism against Satan and the rebel angels

Published by the order of the Sovereign Pontiff Leo XIII

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Psalm 68
Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered, let those who hate him flee before him! As smoke disperses, they disperse; as wax melts when near the fire, so the wicked perish when God approaches.

Psalm 35
Accuse my accusers Yahweh, attack my attackers…
Shame and dishonor on those who are out to kill me!
Back with them! Cover with confusion those who plot my downfall!
May they be like chaff before the wind, with the angel of Yahweh to chase them!
May their way be dark and slippery, with the angel of Yahweh to hound them!
Unprovoked they spread their net for me, they dug a pit for me;
But Ruin creeps on them unawares, the net they have spread will catch them instead, and into their own trap they fall.
Then my soul will rejoice in Yahweh, exult that he has saved me.
Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
As He was in the beginning, now and always, and forever and ever.

Prayer to Saint Michael
Most glorious prince of the heavenly army, Saint Michael Archangel, defend us in the struggle and the fight we have to confront against the Sovereignties and the Powers who originate the darkness in this world, the spiritual army of evil “in the heavens” (Ephesians 6,12).

Come to the aid of men whom God made imperishable, “in the image of His own nature” (Wisdom 2,23), and have been bought and paid for at such “a high price” (1 Corinthians 6,20) from the tyranny exercised by the devil.

Now again, you yourself, Saint Michael and all the army of the blessed Angels, fight the Lord’s fight, just as in the past, you fought against Lucifer, the coryphée of the proud, and against his apostate angels. “And behold, they could not win, and even their place was no longer found in heaven. And he was hurled down, the great dragon, the primeval serpent, known as the devil or Satan, who had deceived all the world, was hurled down to the earth and his angels were hurled down with him” (Revelation 12,8-9).

Now, here is this enemy of old, “murderer from the start” (John 8,44), has stood up vehemently “disguised as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11,14), having for an escort the horde of perverse spirits, in all directions he travels all over the earth, and everywhere incorporates himself there: in order to abolish the name of God and His Christ, in order to steal, to destroy and to lose in endless damnation, the souls that should be crowned with eternal glory. The maleficent dragon transfuses, in men mentally depraved and corrupted in the heart, a flood of abjection: the venom of his malice, the spirit of lies, impiety and blasphemy, the lethal breath of vice, of lust and universal iniquity. The Church, bride of the Immaculate Lamb, is now saturated with bitterness and soaked with poison, by very cunning enemies; they have worn their wicked hands on everything that she desires most sacred. There where the seat of the blessed Peter and the throne of Truth was instituted, there they have erected the throne of their abomination in impiety; so that having struck down the shepherd, the flock may be scattered.

O Saint Michael, invincible chief, bring yourself then now, to the people of God who are fighting against the spirit of wickedness, give them victory and triumph. The Holy Church venerates you as Her Guardian and her Protector; she renders you glory as being her Defender against all the dangerous powers on earth and in Hell; to you the Lord has entrusted to conduct the souls of the redeemed in the place of supreme bliss. Pray to the God of Peace that He crushes Satan under our feet, so that he may no longer can, nor keep men captive, nor harm the Church. Offer our prayers in the presence of the Most High, so that “the mercies of the Lord arise in us without any delay” (Psalm 79,8), and that you seize the dragon, the primeval serpent, who is the devil or Satan, and who, once in the abyss, no longer seduces the nations (Apocalypse 20,3).

So trusting in your protection and your patronage, […] it is with all confidence that we undertake to repress, in the name of Jesus Christ, our God and Lord, the infestations of the diabolical tricks.

Here is the Cross of the Lord, flee, enemy powers.
He has vanquished, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David.
May Your mercy, Lord, come over us.
According to the same measure in which we hope in You.
Lord, listen to my prayer.
And may my cry rise up to You.

God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we invoke Your Holy Name and we implore supplicating Your clemency so that, by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, of the Archangel Saint Michael, of Saint Joseph, Spouse of Mary, of the saint Apostles Peter and Paul and of all the Saints, that You deign to lend us Your aid against Satan and all the putrid spirits that roam throughout the world so as to harm the human race and for the perdition of souls.

(At the “+” make the sign of the Cross)
We exorcize you, whoever you may be, malignant spirit, satanic power, horde of the infernal enemy, demonic legion, all diabolical sects and assemblies; in the Name and by the “Virtue” (Luke 8,46) of Jesus Christ + Our Lord, be eradicated and chased away from the Church of God, from souls (Matthew 12,43) created in the image of God and redeemed by the Most Precious Blood of the Divine Lamb +. From now on, you no longer dare, perfidious serpent, to deceive the human race, to persecute the Church of God, to torment God’s elect and “sift them like wheat” (Luke 22,31) +. He commands you, the Most High God + to whom, in your great pride, you still claim to resemble, “He who wants everyone to be saved and reach full knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2,4).

He commands you, God the Father +
He commands you, God the Son +
He commands you, God the Holy Ghost +

He commands you, Christ His Majesty, Eternal Word of God made flesh + , who, for the salvation of our race, lost due to your envy, “humbled Himself, becoming obedient unto death” (Philippians 2,8), who has built His Church on the firm “Rock” (Matthew 7,24) and promised that “the powers of hell would never prevail against Her” (Matthew 16,18), since “He will dwell with Her all the days until the end of the world” (Matthew 28,20). He commands you, the sacred Sign of the Cross + , and the inherent virtue of all the mysteries of the Christian Faith +.

She commands you, the most venerable Mother of God, the Virgin Mary + who, from the first instant of her Immaculate Conception, has, by her humility, crushed your over proud head. She commands you, the Faith of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and all the other Apostles +. It commands you, the blood of the Martyrs and the pious intercession of all the Saints +.

So then, accursed dragon and all diabolical legions, we adjure you by God + the Living, by God + the True, by God + the Holy, by this God who so loved the world that He handed over His only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but live the everlasting life (John 3,15). Stop deceiving human beings and feeding them the poison of eternal damnation. Stop harming the Church and shackling her liberty.

Begone Satan, inventor and master of all fallacy, enemy of the salvation of men. Cede your place to Christ in Whom you have found none of your works. Cede your place to the new Church of Light, the same one acquired at the price of His Blood. Bow down under the powerful hand of God, tremble and flee at the invocation that we make in the holy and redoubtable Name of this Jesus who makes all hell tremble, to whom the Virtues, Powers and Dominations of the Heavens submit, to whom the Cherubim and Seraphim praise unceasingly with voices saying: Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord, the God of the Armies.

O Lord, hear my prayer.
And let my cry come unto You.

God of heaven, God of earth, God of Angels, God of Archangels, God of Patriarchs, God of Prophets, God of Apostles, God of Martyrs, God of Confessors, God of Virgins, God who has power to give life after death, rest after work, because there is no other God but You, and that there can be no other but You, the Creator of all things visible and invisible, of Whose reign there shall be no end: we humbly beseech Your glorious Majesty to use His power to deliver us from all tyranny of the infernal spirits, their snares, deceits, malice, and to keep us unharmed from all evil. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. So be it.

From the snares of the devil,
Deliver us, O Lord.
That Your new Church may serve You in liberty, order and peace:
We beseech You, hear us, Lord.
That the enemies of Your Holy Church be humiliated and converted:
We beseech You, Lord, hear us.