The Virgin Mary appeared in 1946 in Marienfried (Germany), parish of Pfaffenhofen, close to Neu-Ulm, to Bärbel Ruess, aged then 22 years. There were three apparitions: April 25, May 25 and June 25, 1946. We report the essential of Mary’s words translated from German. We put between brackets and in italics our elucidations, comparing Mary’s Message to the one of John’s Revelation.

The extract we are reporting is taken from the booklet translated by Nicole Roelli-Senez out of the German original version written by Maria Hepp: “The Message of Marienfried”, printing Paul Geiselmann, Laupheim, 1969 (Germany).

First Vision: April 25, 1946

Mary told Bärbel:

“Where the strongest confidence reigns and where it is taught to men that I can do everything, there I will spread peace. Then, when all men will believe in my power, there will be peace. I am the Sign of the Living God. I print my sign on the forehead of my children. The star (of David, symbol of Zionism; see Revelation 9,1) will pursue my sign, but my sign will prevail over the star”.

Bärbel asked: “Who are you?” The answer was: ” If I didn’t have a veil you would recognize me”. While leaving the Lady added:

“May Christ’s peace be with you and with all those who will pray here.”

This place was later named “Marienfried” (fried = peace) because the Holy Virgin Mary had said there: “I give you the peace of Christ”.

Second Vision: May 25, 1946

Mary said:

“I am the Great Mediator of Graces. As the world can find no mercy from the Father unless through the Son’s sacrifice, likewise, you will not be granted besides the Son unless through my intercession. If the Christ is so unknown, it is because I am not known. This is why the Father poured his cup of wrath on the peoples (Revelation 11,18 / 14,19 / 15,1 / 16,19) because they rejected his Son (rejection of the Christ by the Antichrist and his allies). The world has been dedicated to my Immaculate Heart, but the consecration became for many a terrifying responsibility (because of the abandon of faith and testimony even by the Christian religious and political leaders). I ask the world to live this consecration. Have an infinite confidence in my Immaculate Heart! Believe that I can do everything beside the Son. Instead of your hearts full of sins, put my Immaculate Heart, then I will attract God’s strength, and the Father’s love will form again within you the Christ up to perfection. Accomplish my demands so that the Christ can reign soon as the King of Peace (Revelation 11,15-17). The world must drink the chalice of wrath until the dregs because of the innumerable sins that offended His Heart. The star of the abysses (mentioned already in the first vision: Revelation 9,1) will rise more furious than ever and will make terrifying devastations (“the abomination of desolation in Holy Land”: Matthew 24,15 / Daniel 9,27) because it knows its time is short (Revelation 12,12) and because it sees that many have already joined my sign. On these, it has no power, even though it kills the bodies of many (Revelation 6,9 / 11,3-9). But out of these sacrifices made for me (without these people martyred by the star knowing it) comes my power to lead the remaining legion to triumph for the Christ. Some have already accepted to be marked by my sign, and they will always increase in number. To you, my children, I want to say: In the bloodiest days, don’t forget that precisely this cross is a grace, and thank the Father for his Grace, again and again!

Pray and offer sacrifices for the sinners! Offer yourselves as well as your acts to the Father through me. Place yourselves entirely at my disposal! Pray the Rosary! Don’t pray so much for external goods! Much more matters today! Don’t wait, either, for signs or miracles! I want to act secretly as the Great Mediator of Graces. If you fulfill my requests, I want to conserve the peace of the heart. It is only on this peace that the peace of the peoples can be constituted. Then will the Christ reign on the peoples as the King of Peace. Care for my will to be known, I will give you the strength you’ll need.”

Concerning the conferred mission, Mary said again that the devil will have in the world such a big power, that all those who would not be firmly established in Her would let themselves be lead astray, because he will know how to blind men, that even the best would let themselves be seduced (the chiefs of churches, in head, the Pope who is mislead by the star). Wherever men won’t be confident in Her Immaculate Heart, the devil will have control over them, but where men would put Her Immaculate Heart instead of their sinful hearts, there the devil will have no authority. He will prosecute her children (by the star and its men) and they will be despised, but he won’t be able to do anything against them.

Third Vision: June 25, 1946

Mary said:
“I am the Great Mediator of graces. The Father wants the world to acknowledge this position of His Maid. Men must trust that as the Holy Spirit’s permanent Spouse, I am the faithful Mediator of All Graces. My sign arrives (the angel of Revelation: Revelation 10,1-2; see text: “The Key of the Apocalypse”). God wants it thus. Only my children (the Apostles of the End of Times of whom She spoke at La Salette: see our text “La Salette”)) recognize him because he is shown to them in secrecy, and for this they give glory to the Eternal. I cannot yet show my power to the world. I must retire with my children (The Woman of Revelation 12,1-6 / 12,13-17). I want to make miracles secretly, in the souls, until the number of sacrifices is complete. It is given to you to shorten the days of darkness. Your prayers and yours sacrifices will annihilate the image of the Beast (the Beast of the Revelation 13,1-8 / 13,14-16 / 17,1-9). Then I will be able to reveal myself to the world for the glory of the Almighty. Embrace my sign so that all soon adore and honor God in Three Persons. Pray and offer through me! Pray continually! Pray the Rosary! Ask the Father for everything through my Immaculate Heart! If what you ask for is for his glory, He will give it to you. Don’t implore for perishable values, but ask for graces for individual souls, for your communities, for the peoples, so that all love and give back glory to the Divine Heart. Consecrate Saturdays to me, as I desired.

Offer me lots of sacrifices! Make of your prayers a sacrifice! Be selfless! What matters today is to give glory and atonement to the Eternal. If you dedicate yourselves entirely to this, I will take care of all the rest. I want to load my children with crosses, heavy and deep as the sea, because I love them in my sacrificed Son. I beg you to be ready to carry your crosses, so that soon peace may reign. Embrace my sign so that soon the Holy Trinity be glorified.

I’m asking men to fulfill, as soon as possible, my wishes for this is the will of the Heavenly Father, and because this is necessary for His Greatest Glory and for his magnificence, now and forever. The Father announces appalling suffering for those who do not want to submit to His will”.

The Holy Virgin added She had a new message for the world. The circumstances and outer details had not to be reported. “The opinions will divide about this message, a great number will be shocked, but a small legion will understand it well and will spread it. They will recognize my will and will rejoice. This legion has recognized my position in this time and has given me great joy. This legion has its representatives in many countries; they will keep on spreading my message. Many among them have already seen my secret miracles. They recognized that I am the “Admirable Mother” and they glorify me by this title”. (This shocking message is the same as the one found in the Book of John’s Revelation revealed in our text ‘The Key of the Apocalypse’ which outraged people who are at the service of the Beast. About the title “Admirable Mother”, see footnote).

Bärbel asked for an obvious sign for men to believe in her message. Mary answered that she would not give a sign unless men would have achieved her will. Then She would make miracles greater than ever, miracles within the souls. The Holy Virgin added:

“I have already given so many signs, I have so often spoken to the world, but men didn’t take it seriously. Great masses came because of the outer signs, but not for what’s fundamental. We are on the eve of a time where all those who believe in me only because of these visible miracles will be confused. The outer signs will bring many to greater responsibilities because they won’t have pulled the findings out of it. Many souls are waiting for the prayers of my children. My children must praise and honor the Eternal more and thank Him. Did He not create them for His Glory?”

The persons in charge of the site visited Marienfried in 1984. They met the priest in charge and a small group there. They revealed the message of the “Key of the Apocalypse”, unveiling the identity of the Apocalyptic Beast, the Antichrist. The group was impressed and allowed us to meet Bärbel herself at her house. She didn’t reveal anything of that “other message Mary had to reveal” because, she confessed, her bishop had forbid her to say anything about it. It is the responsability of the Apostles of the Apocalypse to break the silence on the identity of “the star, the Beast” of the Book of Revelation.

Prayer to “Mater Admirabilis”

A prayer to “Mater Admirabilis” (Admirable Mother) was composed in French, on October 20, 1945, by a Lebanese teenager “Doris Toutounji”, born June 24, 1930. She suddenly died, picked up by Heaven, on December 10, 1945, forty days after having composed this beautiful prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Apostles of the Book of Revelation like to recite this prayer and please their “Admirable Mother” by offering it to her every day. They recognize themselves in the small legion of her children who “glorify her under this title”. Note that Mary’s apparition to Marienfried started in April 1946, only four months after Doris’ disappearance from earth to join the Admirable Mother in honor of whom she had dedicated this prayer with love.

“Hail Mary, full of grace, sparkling light in which is reflected the Three Divine Persons. Your name, O Mary, is a widespread balsam, and for us sinners a permanently expected help.

The Lord is with You, as You, O Mary, are with us, to enlighten, guide and console your children, poor pilgrims who walk in this Valley of tears, their eyes fixed upon You, their sweet Star.

Blessed are You among all women because the Lord has chosen You to be the Mother of the Incarnated Word, never allowing sin to tarnish your ravishing whiteness.

Jesus, the Fruit of your wombs, is blessed, because through You has He been given to us, the unique Savior who redeems us from death and reopens us the door of Heaven.

Holy Mary, Mother of God and our Admirable Mother, pray for us who combat now on earth. Be our refuge at all times, so that, at the blessed moment of our death, we may contemplate your sweet face in the splendor of Eternity. Amen.